Art @ KCT Exhibits by Alumni Patty Leinemann and Arianne Tubman

Art @ KCT is a professional art exhibition within the lobby of the Kelowna Community Theatre presenting the work of visual artists from the Central Okanagan featuring accessible, thought-provoking visual art in two exhibition spaces, the Rise and the Cube.

Most recently this exhibition features the work of two UBC Okanagan BFA alumni; Patty Leinemann and Arianne Tubman.

In the Rise exhibition space, Arianne Tubman’s Kindred takes inspiration from archival photographs of her grandmother. By replicating the colours, composition, and character of these portraits, Tubman examines generational change and her relationship with place. Her modern portraits are separated from their predecessors by nearly 60 years and thousands of kilometres. The original images showcase her grandmother’s life in Saskatchewan and the trips she took in her 20’s. In contrast, Tubman’s portraits reflect her life at that age, living in Kelowna.

In the Cube exhibition space, Patty Leinemann presents The Conversation, an arrangement of collage and asemic writings exploring the convergence of performance, memory and place. Referencing primarily iconic Hollywood portraits, Leinemann uses layering and composition techniques to explore the emotion of the person behind the persona. Presented salon-style, the numerous collage works take on further meaning in their placement and relationship between each other in the exhibition space.

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