Departures: Bridging the Gap by Troy Teichrib

Departures: Bridging the Gap by Troy Teichrib: Boldly painted urban graphic abstraction that bridges artistic boundaries.

​Featuring new work by artist Troy Teichrib that highlights the spontaneous and raw nature of graffiti art, this body of work includes small to large mixed-media paintings, each a testament to Teichrib’s efforts in translating graffiti’s fleeting beauty and raw energy within the gallery’s structured confines.This methodical yet chaotic process of uncovering and reviving elements from dense chunks of accumulated graffiti is a meditation on ego, ownership, and the impermanence of art. By overlaying and then meticulously removing layers of his own work, he confronts the challenge of disassociating from the personal motifs and styles that have defined his artistic identity. This practice of revisiting buried history becomes a dialogue between creation and destruction.

Troy Teichrib is a mixed-media painter currently residing in the unceded and traditional territory of the syilx/ Okanagan people. He received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the Alberta University of the Arts and is now a Master of Fine Arts candidate at the University of British Columbia, Okanagan. His work questions the practices of censoring street art, as he examines the ongoing tension between public expression and regulated spaces. His work aims to offer an authentic exploration of the visual and thematic complexities inherent in blending the worlds of graffiti and studio practice, inviting viewers to reconsider the value and significance of graffiti art within and beyond the gallery space.

Troy Teichrib is an MFA candidate at The University of British Columbia Okanagan Campus. This exhibition runs alongside Spiritual Growth: The Unapologetic Nude by Jessie Emilie, also an MFA candidate, from May 18th- July 14th 2024 at Lake Country Art Gallery.

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