Amazon brings one-day delivery to Vancouver

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Creating value through convenience

I’ve never actually tried shopping online because I dread the long and often unpredictable delivery times. Amazon’s introduction to the one-day delivery service creates value to society by eliminating this pain.

Because e-commerce is still a fairly new industry, I feel that speed and convenience remains a key factor in attracting more consumers who were originally more inclined to purchase products directly from stores. This is especially applicable to a culture that highly values instant gratification. As of now, Amazon’s same-day shipping service gives it a competitive edge over its competitors in Canada.

Adapting to the changing nature of the industry

However, with rapid advances in technology and transportation, it is very likely that this competitive advantage will not last; more e-commerce companies are already beginning to provide the same services. Though Amazon has its popular brand image to rely on, eventually, same-day deliveries will become a point of parity rather than a point of difference. Therefore, it is important for Amazon to continually develop new advantages. One of them would be to gradually decrease the price of delivery, as non-members are to pay a higher amount than members. Furthermore, it is stated that while consumers appreciate faster services, they continue to prioritise price over convenience.