Company cohesiveness

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Having an organisational culture that promotes a cohesive company is important to a company’s productivity. One of the most memorable thing I have learnt in COMM 101 is that all aspects of business – be it marketing, finance or accounting – are interconnected. Therefore, it is important to maintain effective communication between different groups. However, there’s a lot more to it than I thought. A Harvard Business Review post by Heidi Grant Halvorson provided me with a new perspective on the importance of company cohesiveness.

The word “together”

According to Halvorson, humans tend to be more productive when they are under the notion of working as a team, even when they actually are not. This is done through using the word “together.” The usage of the word “together” ignites a sense of relatedness and community in the workplace. This results in greater intrinsic motivation, which leads to workers striving to optimise their performance. Personally, I feel that I will be more enthusiastic about going to work and contributing to the company if I felt a sense of belonging in my workplace.

Bottom line is, apart from boosting efficiency and interactions between different business departments, placing emphasis on togetherness is also a useful tool to motivate workers to become more productive.