Mid-century modern furniture is still as popular as ever. Most of these famous pieces of furniture have been in continuous production since they were first introduced in the 1950’s and 1960’s. Their clean minimalist design still proclaims urban sophistication combined with comfort. You love the retro look, and you can do the research on the Internet and find out where to buy them—but the prices! Thousands and thousands of dollars for a footstool! Sticker shock induced heart failure! OK, then you can try looking for “depreciated” originals in good shape, but guess what? They’re not much less than buying new! And judging whether they’re truly designer originals can be a tricky business; they’re a lot of cheaply constructed knock-offs out there! What to do? Consider buying a quality reproduction to get the look.

Why get a designer chair…at a “designer” price—when you can have a virtually identical piece of furniture for a fraction of the cost? That’s the beauty of reproductions! The best modern furniture reproductions are constructed following the original design. They employ the same materials and techniques to recreate each item. There are no sneaky little changes to lessen manufacturing costs that might decrease the quality, the safety, or the look of the piece you love. In some cases you may get machine-sewn rather than hand-sewn upholstery, but that’s a very minor difference given the enormous savings. Reproductions are the smart way to get the look you love without handing over your life savings.

Where to find the best modern furniture reproductions? There are a number of reputable manufacturers making quality replicas of classic designs, but some of them charge large for their reproductions. Once you add on upgraded upholstery or shipping charges, you can still be looking at a very hefty price tag. Mid century modern furniture reproduction companies such as Emfurn.com give you a much more affordable option. They have many high quality reproductions of iconic furniture from the mid-century period of design, including tables, chairs, and sofas from famous Scandinavian designers. All are made following both the original design and using equivalent high-quality materials. They are available in a choice of finishes, including several grades of leather, to suit any décor, and you can mix and match to get exactly that new retro look that you want without sacrificing anything in quality. Look for companies who offer free shipping in North America and excellent customer service. It’s a win-win situation—both you and your pocketbook can be happy with your new furniture!