Top Benefits of Beacon Technology for Health Clubs

Beacon technology has and continues to change the way smartphones interact with the real world. Even food processors are bluetooth enabled. Beacons have become popular in many fields especially in retail locations because the technology allows businesses to send their customers notification, coupons and special offers based on where they are in the store. Known as iBeacons, these amazing devices can be placed in strategic locations to communicate with smartphones that are nearby.

As you can see, the functional possibilities that come with beacon technology appear to be endless. As time goes by, the utilization of beacons is expanding into new industries. But how can health clubs use beacons? Well, here are some of the most useful ways you may integrate the technology into your health club.

Automatic check-in

You can use beacon technology in your health club by checking-in your health club members automatically. It would be very amazing when members of your health club walk in through the door and they are being checked in automatically. This is one way to increase the level of experience for your members. Realtors are using it with their Burnaby condos for sale as well. 

Contactless payment

You can utilize beacon technology in your health club to enable contactless payment. This will create a faster and simpler way for your members to make purchases from the health club. Furthermore, contactless payment prevents any possibilities of lost sales that results when your members forget to carry with them their credit cards to the health club.

Proximity marketing

This should have come at the top of this list because it’s actually the most attractive part of beacon technology as far as using it at your health club is concerned. Using beacon technology, you can create a constant billboard that would be locally responsive right in the palm of the hands of your members. For instance, if one of your members is walking past certain items, they can be able to receive an instant coupon or any other incentive with an aim of driving a purchase provided they have installed your Club Mobile App. You can apply this to every part of your health club including the areas of merchandise, PT and even fitness classes. Some people even use 360 cameras for this. 

Sending personalized messages

Beacon can work together with your CRM to collect and use personal information about members and tailor messages to them. For instance, if a person has recently been absent from classes, the beacon can send him or her push notification telling them to sign up for more classes at the time they walk pass the studio.

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