Canadian Summer School in Germany

Program Description

The Canadian Summer School in Germany (CSSG) offers university-level language and culture studies in Kassel, in a unique and intensive immersion program.

The CSSG is organized under the auspices of the Canadian Association of University Teachers of German (CAUTG) and offers courses at the intermediate and advanced level. For a period of approximately 6 ½ weeks, students participate in a full course (approximately 85 hours of classroom instruction) and in numerous additional activities: lectures at various museums, visits to theatres and operas, excursions to cities with cultural and historical significance, and a four-day trip to Berlin.

The main feature of the program, though, is the students’ rapid progress in linguistic skills enhanced mainly by the fact that they are immersed in German life, culture, and civilization.

In 2007 the CSSG Tandem Partner Project was launched, whereby Canadian students are matched to German students at the University of Kassel with the aim of improving speaking skills in the students’ non-native language.

Course Offerings

First-year, second semester equivalent plus extra intercultural learning (six credit hours): GRMN 1446: Waystage German Immersion & Intercultural Learning

Second-year equivalent (six credit hours): GRMN 2446: Intermediate German Immersion I & II

Third-year equivalent (six credit hours): GRMN 3446: Advanced German Immersion I & II

Fourth-year equivalent (six credit hours): GRMN 4446: Advanced German Immersion III & IV

Community Service Learning (six credit hours): GRMN 4447/5447: German Immersion Community Service

Teacher Professional Development (six credit hours; blended online & immersion): GRMN 4448/5448: German Language Teaching and Learning

Community Service Learning (six credit hours): GRMN 4449/5449: German Intercultural Community Service Learnng

Program Dates

The 2019 CSSG program runs from May 3 to June 20, 2020. In order to arrive in Germany in the morning of May 3, you will have to leave Canada on May 2 at the latest.

Application Deadline

January 31st

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