Where to study?

Study in Germany

Germany seeks to attract the best and brightest to study in Germany and to subsequently integrate into the domestic labour market. To facilitate the process, the German government built the following website with detailed information about universities and degrees (note that several universities offer courses of study taught entirely in English). The website itself is available in both English and German: http://www.study-in.de/en/

Study in Switzerland

The universities of Switzerland offer programs in German, French and Italian, as well as a number of degrees taught in English. Switzerland’s universities are strongly interested in internationalization, which is why their governing board has created the following anglophone website: https://www.studyinswitzerland.plus/. It provides you with all the information you need to study, live and eventually work in Switzerland.

Study in Austria

Austria boasts an outstanding education system, and the universities make a great effort to attract the best international students. On the followng website, you will find comprehensive information on programs, admission procedures, curricula and student life: https://studyinaustria.at/. For graduating students, Austria offers a strong and diverse labour market, in fields ranging from tourism to future technologies.