GRSJ 300 Cultural Jam Assignment _ Geyu Zhou

Part 1

Part 2

        Blender is a butcher store that sells meat and poultry. The ad uses a hung, sliced, and naked female body that resembles hung and sliced animal bodies to attract prospective customers’ attention. The ad is problematic for four main reasons. First, it is cruel and disgusting to present a sliced and naked human body that is hooked and hung on the strings that fall down from the celling. The whole picture implies that the human parts are ready to be sold to customers piece by piece. Second, the sliced naked woman’s hand gesture, facial expression and lying down posture convey alluring messages to the prospective customers because she faces toward the prospective customers’ direction. Third, since the ad designer decided to use a blonde naked woman who wears make-up, nail polish, bracelets and high heels and is in a good body shape (i.e. long legs, flat belly, thin waist, small face), it is clear that the ad uses the woman’s gender features to attract people’s attention. I consider it a gender issue because the ad designer could have used a naked man’s body, but he/she did not because naked women’s bodies are regarded as more physically attractive than naked men’s bodies in general. Fourth, as the skin of the naked female body is light, it also implies that women with lighter skin color can be more attractive.

From the ad, I see woman objectification. The ad implies that, as women are less strong than men, they may be sliced and hung like animals so that they can be sold. It also means that men can be violent with women. I do not think any ad designer would use a strong naked men’s body in this context; therefore, the ad shows gender inequality. In addition, given the body shape and skin colour, the ad also promotes the ideal female body shape and lighter skin colour. The conveyed ideas may lead some women and teenagers to use whitening products and develop eating disorders.

Part 3

Part 4

        The jammed ad has enhanced the taste of sexism through two ways. First, I added a bra onto the naked female body, which can be interpreted in two ways. On the one hand, as the bra is hanging like all other body parts, it signals that the use of bra is not for the woman’s comfort. Instead, it is used to allure people. On the other hand, as the breast part of the naked female body is covered by her elbows, the bra’s appearance reminds the prospective customers to use their imagination to think about the covered body part. Second, I replaced the original text “the concept store with a butcher shop” with “the unexpected experience in this butcher store” to imply to prospective customers that they may uncover the covered body part and/or enjoy sexual services if they go into the mysterious butcher store. The ad makes the butcher store stands out from all other butcher stores. Prospective customers may be mislead in thinking that they may be violent with women or treat women as toys in the store to release their stresses that source from the outside world.

I extremely dislike the ad because it reminds me of the high femicide (i.e. murders of women and girls) rate. Women are the mothers of men; therefore, they do not deserve to be mistreated by men who may be born taller and stronger physically. Instead, I think men should learn to respect all women because they have to experience unbearable pain to give birth to newborns. Furthermore, women’s ideal skin colour and body shapes should not be stressed in such ads because they may lead to women and girls’ problematic behaviours. It is not fair that men do not need to worry as much as women about skin colour and body shapes.

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