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US Govt Accountability Office (GAO)

Thanks to our fellow govpubs  bloggers at the University of Colorado, I’ve discovered a great website for anyone looking into current events south of the border.  The GAO “is known as ‘the investigative arm of Congress’ and ‘the congressional watchdog.’  GAO supports the Congress in meeting its constitutional responsibilities and helps improve the performance and accountability of the federal government for the benefit of the American people.”

  • The site provides links to full-text versions of various relevant government manuals, such as the auditing standards, internal controls standards and Federal appropriations law manuals.
  • Also has a vast array of GAO reports and testimonies on topics such as Federal bankruptcy judges, influenza pandemic, veterans affairs, taxation, public housing, telecommunications, health care, climate change and terrorism.
  • Only the most recent reports are available through the “reports & testimonies” page.
  • Use the “topics collections” tab to browse older reports by subject.  Site also provides GAO legal decisions and testimonies from its Comptroller General.

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