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New apps for US Government data

Sunlight Labs – “a non-profit, non partisan Washington, DC based organization focused on digitization of government data” has been running a contest to identify the top three websites offering applications that provide “easy access and understanding for the public” to US government data/information.  They all make it just a bit easier to access high quality data online.

The winners are:

First Prize: DataMasher.  This website allows you to select from a wide variety of data sets (mostly from and to then combine them into a personalized “mashup.”  Mashups take the form of tables and maps.   Examples of recent mashups are Health Care Coverage + Premiums; Unemployment + State Land Area; and Median Household Income + Median Monthly Mortgage Costs.

Second Prize:  GovPulse.  As mentioned in another blog entry below…this site provides a single search interface for all issues of the US Federal Register, from 1994 to present.

Third Prize: ThisWeKnow: This site provides access to “nationwide data sets from six different agencies in the catalog.”  In practice, users browse or search for specific American communities and then view a list of fast facts about those communities.  ThisWeKnow then provides links to the underlying data for each fast fact.

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