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UK Security Services records at the National Archive

The UK National Archives has just put up a database with materials from the Security Services:

“Some of these files were kept about individuals; others were gathered on groups in which the Security Service took an interest. The files contain information about communists, Soviet intelligence agents and officers, right-wing extremists, Italian espionage activities and suspected agents, Czech refugees, suspected spies, pacifists, German agents and intelligence officers.

The majority of these files are from 1939-45, but there are a considerable number from the inter- and post-war periods.”

Note, not every result is freely available – most items are only available for a fee and there is currently no way to limit your results to free materials.  That being said, the range of materials in the collection is impressive:  spy diaries, Hitler’s passport,  and  files on prominent UK communists and eminent physicists and more.

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