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New report from Asia Foundation: Afghanistan in 2009.

The Asia Foundation has released its  fifth
survey of the Afghan people -
Afghanistan in 2009: a survey of the Afghan people.
From the Asia Foundation website: "Aiming to provide 
the Afghan citizenry,policy makers and influential actors in 
government, civil society, and
the international community with useful, actionable information, 
the 2009 Survey of the Afghan People is a comprehensive assessment
of national perception in key policy areas. These areas include: 
security, economy, governance, democratic values, and women and society. 
The 2009 fieldwork was conducted during June 17-July 6, 
prior to the August 20 elections, and builds upon previous surveys 
conducted in 2004, 2006, 2007, and 2008. 
Its value can be found in its rigorous methodology and
reliable consistency in measuring public perceptions on a range of
crucial issues each year."

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