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Historical Debates now available online

Great news from the Parliament of Canada today. The staff there have just launched a new website:

“dedicated to the reconstituted debates of the Senate and House of Commons of Canada.
In the early years of the new Dominion, the only account of parliamentary
debates was to be found in newspaper reports. These were saved in
scrapbooks by librarians of Parliament. As a centennial project, the
Parliament of Canada and the Library embarked on a project to reconstitute
these debates from the scrapbook accounts. As well, Senate debates
originally only available in English are being translated and published.

On this website you will
find the Senate Debates 1867-1872 in both English and French and the House
of Commons Debates also 1867-1872 in both languages. Additional years will
be included as work on them is completed.”

The debates have been scanned from the originals so you get to see all the original typeface and formatting.

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