Monthly Archives: September 2016


Hi everyone! Hannah here from ARTS 001B, LB4.

I often struggle with introductions because I frequently worry that I’m not coming across the way I’d like. But sharing this fact about me seems like a good place to start!

I came to UBC from my hometown just outside San Francisco. I love to travel, so, with the added turmoil of this American election season, attending university in Canada seemed too good to be true. I am majoring in psychology with a minor in creative writing, so feel free to approach me about either subject any time!

The more you talk to me, the more you will come to see that I am a sarcastic nerd who is always up for philosophical debates and self-improvement. This is partially what attracted me to Arts One; I loved the idea of a course that had both a large lecture and a small discussion group where I could meet and discuss ideas with many different kinds of people who possess many different outlooks on life.

(Also, I’m one of those people that can read Shakespeare without translation and absolutely adores his writing, so seeing The Tempest in our booklist was a big plus. It’s odd, I know.)

Now, for some personal fun facts:

  • My middle name is quite literally Rhythm, and yes, I will answer if you address me as such.
  • As my middle name suggests, I am a concert addict and avid musician, as I have been writing my own music and playing guitar for over a decade. No, I will not play for you (I’m too shy), but I’d be happy to be your concert buddy!
  • I also write poetry and perform in slam competitions!

Thanks for reading and I look forward to a wonderful year in Arts One with you all!