What does entrepreneurship mean to me?

Entrepreneur minds are risk taking, unafraid of failure, determined, optimistic, curious, creative, passionate, ambitious and natural leaders.

Employers of large corporations are looking for people who work with an entrepreneurial mindset. And why are businesses looking to hire entrepreneurs? Since it is becoming much more competitive to find a good job that pays well, employers are now on the look out for competent individuals. But how are these entrepreneurial skills applicable for job hunting? In my personal experiences with working with people for group projects, whether for school, work or volunteer, I have noticed that many highly academically intelligent people are incapable of leading a team. These people may have good grades, but ultimately, they are unproductive and clueless when thrown into situations where problems arise. These people abide by the book and are not comfortable with acting based on their intuition and gut feeling.

In this sense, I have come to the conclusion that this is also the reason why Sauder selects their students based on their potential to be successful in the business realm. And hence, I am proud to say that this is what makes Sauder students unique.

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