Who is a true leader?

As naive and fan-girl as it may sound: Today in class, I met a celebrity. His name is Nolan Watson and he graduated from Sauder in 2001 and ever since, this man has turned his entrepreneur mindset into one of the most successful businesses ever created by Sauder graduates. He is the founder and CEO of Sandstorm Gold a mining corporation, that makes billions of dollars on gold streaming.


In class, he told us his life story about his path to success. His story was so inspiring that it rendered me speechless. Nolan believes that hiring people who do not need a job and are working for the experience are the ones that are the most wanted by successful businesses such as Sandstorm Gold. It is the people who are willing to learn and grow that become the most successful. Near the end of Nolan’s inspiring speech, I felt a sudden rush of hope and determination to become successful. Now I understand why incredibly talented individuals choose to work for Nolan. It is Nolan’s modest character, strong leadership skills and unbeatable entrepreneurial mind that people choose to follow him.

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