Your Procrastination Go-to


Procrastination… It was never so bad until I discovered the world of Facebook.  I’m constantly looking out for friend requests & checking everyone’s status updates. I know I’m not alone,  since Internet use for nonacademic purposes (including online gaming) was touted one of the top 3 reasons for academic difficulty among UBC students (2008 National College Health Assessment Survey – let me know if you want to know more).

Procrastination is not an easy thing to overcome, but LEAP has a really good Procrastination Toolkit. You might as well make good use of the time you’re procrastinating, so you can BETTER use your time when the temptation of procrastination calls again.

In an effort to maximize MY time before and during exams, I’m putting myself on a low-Facebook diet. I’m challenging myself to only log on to my Facebook account once a day for the next three weeks (for a maximum of 30 minutess). Maybe I’ll eventually build up the courage to inactivate my account. Maybe…

I’ll keep you posted with any of my Facebook withdrawal symptoms, and in the meantime, I want to know what your procrastination go-to is, and what’ll you do about it?

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  1. ONLINE shopping is definitely a major addiction of mine!! It doesn’t help that almost all the stores I love have FREE SHIPPING, which makes shopping online VS going out to the mall to shop so easily accessible and so much easier! My plan will be to go on a low-ONLINE SHOPPING-diet, don’t give into the free shipping (the hook that gets me everytime!)

  2. Leanne: if it’s any extra motivation, i found this in my notes from one of my classes: 1 hr of internet shopping burns 30 kcal; going to the mall to shop for 1 hour can burn 145-240 kcal. So after your exams, you can go nuts at the mall AND get your exercise at the same time

  3. update: I started this challenge on last tuesday, so it’s been more than a week, and I’ve been really good about keeping that promise to myself. It helps that I’ve been way too busy to check. But I do have these little cravings for checking people’s status updates… 1.5 more weeks to go!

  4. update #2: it’s getting SUPER tempting to just spend more than those 30 minutes on facebook. i’m getting really antsy with my studying, and would rather do anything but study. each day it gets closer and closer to going over 30 minutes, but I know I can’t… i’ve started doing push-ups, so maybe that’ll detract me from facebook.

    good luck on your exams… to whoever is reading this =)

  5. one more day until I’m home free. I have to admit, I might have cheated with an extra 5 minutes over the weekend, but I’d give myself an overall A- for effort in staying off of that addictive facebook.

    I don’t think I’ll be deactivating facebook anytime soon, but I will try as much as I can to stay away from it… and go outside!! =)

  6. post-facebook diet month 1: i surprisingly haven’t been on facebook for a couple of days now. too many readings to do, but in all honesty, not going on facebook saves me at least 1 hour for everyday that i do check status updates & reply to wall posts.

    happy january!

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