Straight Talk: Perfect Your Posture

When you were young, chances are you were constantly told to “sit up straight.” Now that you’ve entered university, however, nobody is checking in on your posture. This might seem like a relief, but there was a reason for that persistent nagging.

Posture has a huge impact on both your physical and mental health:

Physically, poor posture contributes to shallow breathing, poor blood flow, and poor digestion. It also puts stress on your joints and can lead to loss of energy and coordination. Not to mention, the worse you posture is, the more back pain you are likely to suffer from.

Mentally, posture is often a reflection of your self-esteem. When you have good posture, it makes you look better and feel more confident. The reverse is also true, so make sure to pay attention to your spine.

“Sit up straight” is actually a bit inaccurate. Good posture is not about a straight spine, it’s about maintaining a gentle S curve in your back. To improve your posture, avoid putting more weight on one leg and imagine that you are being pulled upwards from your head like a marionette.

Other ways to improve your posture are more about your lifestyle. Exercise is very important in maintaining good posture, but not every exercise will work. Only certain exercises can strengthen the right muscles. For example, Pilates is a great way to strengthen your core. Stretches are helpful too. Even the shoes you wear can have an impact on your posture. High heels, though they look amazing, throw off your alignment.

So take your mothers advice to “sit up straight,” and you’ll see benefits in all areas of your life.

How to Improve Bad Posture

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