It’s Paper Season!

Welcome to November. It’s paper season and do you know what that means? Sleep and nutrition go out the door. Well, normally. But what if this year it doesn’t? What if this year, while you’re writing the best papers of your academic career, you could also be well rested and well fed?

Well, it’s at least worth a shot.

So what’s the game plan? How about, get started early? Plan ahead. When your professor assigns you a paper topic, get started. You don’t need to write the whole paper, but how about doing a bit of reading, research, or brainstorming so that you start to get on the right track. Jot down some
notes, mull over some thoughts and you’ll have a thesis in no time. Then leave it until the next day. You have time to put it aside because (gasp!) you started early.

And since you’ve been so organized and have the time to putyour paper aside, how about a meal? And by meal, I don’t mean any variety of “Mc-Meal”. I mean, how about heading to your fridge and making something home-made? Or if you’re on campus, how about going to the Delly in the SUB, or heading over to Save-On Foods for something healthy to keep you feeling good?

Remember- you have the time, because you got started early!

Keep coming back to your paper, a little at a time. Aim to have each one done a day or two before the due date. This way, if something goes wrong and you find you hate part of your paper, or wrote “goo” instead of “good”, it won’t be 30 minutes before class, it will be 2 days before class and you’ll have lots of time to make adjustments.

Not only is this effective for writing a good paper, and having time to eat healthy, this also means you have time for a full night’s sleep because you aren’t spending the night before each deadline spitting out a lesser-quality piece of work. Let’s face it, at 4 A.M. even basic grammar (and basic English) have abandoned you. Why? Because they’ve gone to sleep, just like you should have too. Pulling an “all-nighter” isn’t going to produce a quality paper, and it isn’t going to make you well-rested. So how about this November, when you know you’re going to be up to  your eyeballs in papers, how about you get cracking early so you don’t let your physical wellness fall by the wayside? So while you watch the people around you panic-writing papers 12 hours before they are due, you can smile and appreciate the fact that you planned ahead, and while they will be up all night, and eating whatever they can find quickest, you’ll be eating a well-balanced meal and getting an appropriate amount of sleep!