Take Breaks, Improve Your Focus

We all at some point believed that the golden standard to a good grades is to work hard, and work harder. However, taking some time to relax does have positive benefits to your general well being and academic performance.

Have you ever had the experience of sitting for hours and having very little work done? Or reading on the same page forever with no information coming in? One of the reasons that these are happening is that you probably are in a fatigue mode for studying, with little recreation.
Here are some ideas for you to have a general self-check:

  • Have you been abandoning your hobbies that you really enjoy?
  • Have you been refusing to go out due to academic stress?

If you find out you are likely leaning too much on the academic side of the scale, here are some easy ways to take a break, have fun, or relax, to replenish your energy. Simply get out of the house and take a good walk; trees and sunshine will do the job. Arrange weekly outings with your friends and family. Set fixed time slots into your weekly schedule to pursue to your hobbies. Engage with on campus organizations and activities that interest you.

Lastly, remember the key word in personal wellbeing is balance. Play keeps you enthusiastic and makes studying refreshing; while sufficient effort is still necessary to effectively pursue your study. Good luck!