Healthy Resolutions

This year, I decided to do something a little different with my new years resolutions. Rather than making a long list of 20 of so grandeur goals and overly zealous promises to myself, I decided to choose three very specific and accessible goals for myself all relating to health and wellness, as opposed to material goals or achievements. This is the list that I came up with:

1. Do some kind of physical activity for 30 minutes a day. — Whether this be going for a walk around my neighborhood, going to a yoga class, dancing at a club, there are so many options! 20 minutes so nothing — I’ll still have 23½  hours in my day to do other things!

2. Eat a local, seasonal fruit or vegetable every day. — Becoming aware and knowledgeable about what produce is in season and where its being produced is vital for building a connection to your food and the food system around you. When you’re at your local produce market, check the label to see where it’s produced and also ask the market clerk what is the best produce of the season.

3. Make a new recipe once a week. — Being a full-time student, I find it difficult to set aside time in my week to do what I really love to do: cook. So I’ve made it a priority to dedicate every Tuesday night to “family dinners” with my roommates where I try out a new recipe I’ve found on a blog or cookbook. It doesn’t have to be fancy; in cooking, often times the simpler the better. By scheduling a time every week to dedicate to something I enjoy doing give me a constant outlet to explore my culinary creativity and also have a sacred space to reflect on my week. I find the process of cooking can be incredible therapeutic and releases built-up stress.

January is also my favorite time to be creative in the kitchen. There aren’t nearly as many winter vegetables as other seasons, so I like to be creative in using what is available and in season. For example, winter vegetables such as butternut squash, pumpkin, yam, cauliflower, and leeks are perfect for making yummy soups and stews. To get your protein in, lamb or lean beef go great in hearty soups. To spice it up, I always add a touch of paprika, curry, ginger or cinnamon. Pair your stew with a rustic and crusty homemade bread and you have a hearty meal that will last a few days.

Keep in mind that drinking water is essential especially during the winter, as the air is drier and leave you often dehydrated. Warm tea and/or hot water are great for increasing your circulation when walking around campus outside. I also take a Vitamin B and D supplements to boost my energy and mood.

For delicious recipe ideas for seasonal cooking this month, check out this awesome blog.

For some healthy food blogs to check out:

Also, if you are not familiar with the UBC Farm, they have a multitude of resources that are amazing and fruitful. Check out their revamped website here and get your hands dirty.

4 Replies to “Healthy Resolutions”

  1. Ting! I love your gaol of cooking more often! I am trying to do this as well. I feel much healthier eating what I make, as I usually tend to put healthy ingredients into what I eat. I hope you stick to your goals 😀

    Have a great weekend! 🙂


    1. Thanks so much Maria for your comments! If you need any more suggestions for food blogs or healthy recipes let me know!


  2. I love Tip #2,about eating local, in season produce! Especially the part about building a connection to the broader food system around you. This is such an excellent reminder!

  3. Thanks for your comment Laura! I find myself checking all the labels at the grocery store now on where each fruit or vegetable is sourced from – it becomes almost a fun game of seeing how much local produce you can collect in your basket each week! 🙂

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