Healthy Minds Tip: Safer Sex

Man looking shocked
Image Credit: Student Communications Services

Did you know that condoms were believed to have been invented by the Egyptians in 3000 B.C.?  Although safer sex products have been around for thousands of years, today they remain the best way to protect yourself against sexually transmitted infections or STIs. When used properly, in fact, male condoms and female condoms are approximately 97 and 95% effective respectively. Oral (or dental) dams are also a simple and effective way to prevent the spread of STIs during oral sex.

Aside from using condoms and oral dams, making smart choices is also key to reducing your risk of getting an STI. Getting regular testing to screen for STIs is part of responsible sexual health, and the UBC Student Health Service clinic offers confidential and convenient testing services to students. Knowing how to properly use condoms and oral dams is also important. Sexuality and U offers an excellent source of information about sexual health products along with other areas like STI prevention, testing and relationships.

On campus, the UBC Wellness Centre sells a broad selection of at-cost, safer sex products including male and female condoms, oral, lubricants and toys. Trained, student volunteers at the Centre, called Wellness Peers, are also available to answer your questions about sexual health or to refer you to other services on campus.

You can also read more about STIs on the Live Well Learn Well website.