Exercising Can Make You a Happier Student

I remember back in Grade 11 and 12  I used to look at websites about university life.  As a first year student, one topic still remains in my mind, the “freshman 15”.  Packing on fifteen pounds in first year?!  I don’t think I’ve gained fifteen pounds yet, but I definitely have not been exercising enough.

According to the BC Health Guide, I should be engaging in three types of exercise: aerobic (ex: running, mowing the lawn), flexibility (ex: stretching, yoga) and strength (ex. lifting weights, climbing stairs) for a total of at least 2.5hrs a week.

My entire first term was: take the bus to campus, drag myself to class, and take the bus home. Back in high school I joined the weight room at my school and each day I would get at least 30 minutes of exercise.  In a short amount of time I was able to feel all the positive effects!  I was able to focus on my work longer, I felt physically stronger and more confident, I slept better. Altogether, I was a happier student!

At UBC, we have tons of options and variety for exercise:

  1. Instructional Activities: Take a class and learn yoga, tai chi, zumba….
  2. UBC REC Tournaments: Fun competitions! (ex. water polo, bowling)
  3. Birdcoop Fitness Centre: If you like the treadmill, the elliptical & weights
  4. UBC Rec Events:  Exciting events that will keep you excited! (ex. Day of the Longboat, Storm the Wall).
  5. UBC Aquatic CentreUniversity Golf ClubPacific Spirit Park trails and many more!

Try fitting in as much exercise as you can (and need) by taking the stairs, washing your windows…these all count as exercise! Visit HealthLink BC for more tips!

I aim to get my exercise by going to the gym at UBC on a regular basis throughout the week.  Stay tuned for my follow up post!