PSYC 350A: Sex Info Central

When registering for classes last year, my friend Ale recommended I check out PSYC 350A-“le human sexuality class”.  This is the most comprehensive body of information on sexuality I have found to date.  Aside from being entertaining, the class replaces widespread myths with research-backed findings. So far Dr. Jason Winters has covered the hard facts about:

  • Anatomy and people’s relationship with their body
  • Attraction and arousal
  • Sexual behaviour (fantasies, masturbation, intercourse in all positions, …)
  • Sexual orientation (gay, bisexual, lesbian, queer, asexual… you name it!)
  • Relationships
  • Coming up: STIs, atypical sexuality, sex for pay, etc.

In addition to increasing my body satisfaction and confidence in my ability to successfully maintain a relationship, this class has showed me there’s a world of possibility when it comes to sexuality.

Dr. Winters is humorous and will use plain language to answer any question students dare fire away.  His epic stories never fail to give me a good laugh.  A real must for UBC students interested in learning more about sexuality, health, relationship management and well-being.  Winters tops it off by posting information about  human sexuality on his open blog for PSYC 350A.