Who should get a Pap test?

Woman's finger with ribbon tied around it
Image credit: Student Communications Services / BC Cancer Agency

Even busy students need to think about getting regular Pap tests. The BC Cancer Agency has outlined a few quick tips on who should get a Pap test, and why Paps are important:

Who should get Paps

  • Anyone with a cervix, aged 21 – 69, who has ever had any kind of sexual contact, including intimate touching, oral, vaginal and anal sex, should be getting regular Pap tests.
  • You should start with one Pap a year for three years, then every two years until age 69.

You should still be getting regular Paps even if…

  • You’ve had the HPV vaccine
  • You’ve been with your partner for a while
  • You’ve been through menopause
  • You’re no longer having sex
  • You’re in a same-sex relationship.

Why Paps are important

  • Pap tests can find abnormal cells on the cervix that you can’t see or feel.
  • Treating these cells early can stop cervical cancer from developing.
  • Those who get regular Paps are at very low risk for cervical cancer.

Get your Pap

Student Health Service, the on-campus medical clinic for students, offers Pap tests for UBC students. To make an appointment for your Pap test, call 604.822.7011 or book online.

Set a reminder for your next Pap

Once you’ve had your Pap, set up an email reminder for your next one at www.LACEcampaign.com.