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Tips for Eating Healthy While Studying

For those of you starting summer school here are some helpful tips for you while studying. Summer school can be stressful with course material being packed into a short amount of time and I have noticed as my stress level increases so does the amount of junk food I eat. This is a typical pattern I experience during stressful times and it is obviously not the best way to keep my brain active and alert. I tackle this problem with the following gradual, but conscious changes:

1)      Snack on Fruit – I tend to always get a craving for chocolate or sugar when I study long hours, but some fruit, or yogurt with honey might also do the trick. Especially good while studying are blueberries. According to The Society of Neuroscience, Blueberries may help “optimize brain function.” If you are still craving chocolate, look at tingkelly’s post on how to maximize the health benefits of chocolate.

2)      Munch on Nuts – Another bad habit that I have when I study, is a need to munch on some sort of salty food. Much healthier than chips, are nuts. I usually go to Costco and buy a large tub of cashew nuts, probably enough to last you 2 months, and for only $10. Nuts are a great snack as they are good for your brain. According to The Journal of Nutrition, Health & Aging, nuts, fruits, and vegetables “may improve immunity, vascular function, and brain performance.” – A great thing while studying.

3)      Drink Water – I usually find that while studying, I am not drinking as much water as I should be. With the weather getting warmer and with the need to be able to perform at your peek, drinking water is essential! According to a a website that provides brain training games, “A lack of water results in cognitive deficits in attention, memory and processing speed.” – So stay hydrated while you study.

Good luck with your studies and remember to eat fruit & nuts, and stay hydrated!!

Fruit in a Blender
Smoothies make an excellent study snack!!



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  1. Hey,
    for me best food to eat when I study are the nuts – especially hazelnuts! They are very rich in proteins but also very rich in fat. But that fat is a healthy fat – omega3 and stuff (today everyone is talking about this omega3 fat, don’t know if it is actually that good though :)) but try not to eat too much of hazelnuts because that means a lot of calories. 100 grams of such food has almost as many calories as one hamburger in McDonals 🙂 Yea, I was shocked by that information too!
    Anyway, take a look at my two articles on healthy food to eat while studying and brain food.
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