The Benefits of Walking

Whenever I’m feeling down I find it difficult to motivate myself to exercise, even though I know I will feel better afterwards.  No matter what mood I am in, however, I can always muster up enough enthusiasm to go for a walk.  Whether I’m taking the stairs down to Wreck Beach or walking the seawall around Stanley Park, walking puts me in a better mood and makes me feel healthier.

The benefits associated with walking are simply the benefits associated with increased physical activity: reduced risk of heart disease, increased ability to manage weight, improved mood, etc.  What’s great about walking is how accessible it is no matter your level of physical fitness and how easily it can be integrated into anyone’s daily life.  Oh, and let’s not forget a key detail important to students, walking is free!

So what are some things to keep in mind if you’re planning on introducing more walking into your daily life?

Whether you want to introduce more physical activity into your daily life, enjoy the outdoors or participate in a social activity, walking is something you should consider.  One final tip for Vancouver-ites: learn to live with walking in the rain!

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