Music Motivation

Written By: Denise Wong

In order to prevent ourselves from giving up and to push our limits to the next level, music plays a
huge part in motivating our minds to keep going during our workout routines. This summer, I have
discovered new, non-typical tracks and playlists that have really enhanced my workouts and have
helped me in reaching my goals. Try listening to some of these mixes and tracks and see how they
keep you moving!

A State of Trance is a weekly radio program by Armin van Buuren that you can download every
week for two hours of non-stop trance mixes. I have never been interested in trance in the past until a
friend introduced me to these amazing mixes! The beat is infectious and definitely keeps your body
and mind pumped – perfect for high energy workouts.

Country music seems like a bizarre choice, but this has been my go-to workout music for a while
now. Whenever I tell my friends that I enjoy Country, their eyebrows immediately furrow and are
wonder why I would be into this type of music. Keith Urban and the Rascal Flatts are two of my
favorite artists who have great summer tunes that can make your workout uplifting. Their best tracks
include “Long Hot Summer” (Keith Urban) and “Hot in Here” (Rascal Flatts)

Bon Iver is a great listen for cooling down or for a relaxing yoga routine at home. Justin Vernon’s
amazing falsetto provides some soothing background goodness. Great tracks include “Blood Bank”
and “Woods.”

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