Counselling Services: You’re not in it alone

Guest post by UBC students Navi Dasanjh and Shahbano Bhatti

University – a place of excitement, adventure, learning, and growth. While the university experience can be filled with wonder and joy, it undoubtedly also has its perils (helllooo, midterm season).

Throughout this time, no matter how daunting your school/work/personal life my feel, always remember to take a step back and have some time to yourself. Also remember that you’re not in it alone – there are numerous campus resources to help you through whatever rough patch you may be facing.

Getting through personal difficulties

Counselling Services is one of these resources. Free to all registered UBC students, Counselling Services is a group of trained professionals available to chat, listen, and help you through any personal difficulties you may be facing.

Helpful tips from Vanita Sabharwal, Counsellor

We sat down with one of the counsellors, Vanita Sabharwal, to learn more about her work and get some helpful tips.

With exam season on the horizon, what are some basic stress reducers you would recommend to students?

V: Regular sleep, exercising well and eating healthy are the basic things to start with. Taking a break even during midterms is important to refresh and rejuvenate yourself – even just taking a 15 minute break after an hour of studying can help you stay focused.

What is one of the top concerns that students approach you with?

V: Internet addiction is on the rise, so if you know you’re spending way too much time on the computer, then do something else when you’re taking a break. Set time limits for how much leisure time you spend online, and if you’re still struggling, there are some online resources that can help (the Self-Control app is a great download that allows you to monitor your web use).

Any final thoughts you’d like to share with our readers?

V: One of the biggest keys to improving and maintaining your mental health is being truly self-aware. If you find your normal coping techniques are not working (you find yourself unusually low in energy, unmotivated, ‘stuck’, or overwhelmed) don’t hesitate to reach out for help. Knowing when you need help and getting it is a sign of strength; not weakness.

Find out more about Counselling Services, and other resources available for your mental health and well-being.

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