Fighting Against Fatigue During the Homestretch!

When I had assignments, papers, or midterms in one week, I felt like I was a fish fighting on the shore, and the waves are the upcoming tasks; if I didn’t swim hard enough, I would be beached. Though some of those times I experienced a complete drainage of my energy, and I just couldn’t get enough sleep no matter how long I rested. If you had experienced similar situations, here were some tips that worked for me, and would probably solve your problem as well.

1.) Besides getting a good sleep and taking frequent breaks, you should probably think about if there was something else besides the overloaded work that could possibly contribute to your tiredness? For instance, had you been too busy with your exams that you omitted your regular exercise? I used to think that exercise was an energy consuming activity, though amazingly, every time after I dragged myself out of the house and go for a short jog, I felt a great boost on my energy level. Getting some exercise actually waked up my mind and body, I was always in a lighter mood coming back from exercising. If you really didn’t have time, some simple Yoga at home works well too!

2.) Also, food that you snack on was super important as well. Consuming foods that are processed and carbohydrate-rich such as plain bagels, white bread, and white flour muffins, could make you sleepy afterwards. The reason was that the carbohydrates from these foods create a larger increase in blood sugar levels, and this could trigger your brain to curb its activity. Similarly, consuming a large amount of sugar (sugar glazed donuts, candy, pop..) was also not very wise if you needed to get back to work immediately. Try to avoid foods like those and substitute them with healthier forms of carbohydrate and sugar from fruits and vegetables.

Sticking up with these two tips had benefited me to go through stressful, and energy consuming exam periods, hopefully you would find them helpful too!