Calming the Perfect Storm: Stress, Anxiety, & exams!

The Storm is on its way. This storm is called 2012/2013 final exams. You can try to ignore, run and avoid this exam storm, but eventually, you must take on this foe head first.  Here are four things to keep in mind:

Just get started

Do you always find yourself staying up  after midnight cramming for your final exams? The easiest way to avoid this horrible phenomenon is to get started earlier.

You can do this by setting out a study schedule for yourself or by just opening your textbook to the first page of the chapter. By taking the first steps to studying for an exam early, you will be able to motivate yourself to stay on track to cover all the material that will be on the final exam.  This will allow you to reduce your stress and anxiety levels, and likely result in better academic performance on your exams.


Did you know that your brain is more efficient after a good workout?  Physical training improves blood flow to the brain, makes the mind clear, gives intellectual energy and increases the ability to concentrate. By exercising, you will be able to give your brain a well-deserved break while allowing it to rejuvenate itself for your next study period. Exercise is a great way to reduce your stress levels and help you stay calm during the exam period.

30 minutes of Relaxation

It is common to feel anxiety the night before the exam. Tossing and turning while falling asleep can add to the anxiety and lead to further stress and frustration.  To avoid this, try setting aside 30 minutes before going to bed to relax. Listen to calming music, watch a little TV, meditate, or even play Call of Duty: Black Ops if you find that relaxing. The goal is to create a sense of calm before trying to fall asleep.

Remember Your Value as a Person

Many students think getting an A+ on final exams is the goal to work towards, but what’s more important is setting realistic goals for yourself and trying to achieve them.  It’s important to remember that the grade you receive on the final exam has no reflection on your value as a person. Keep this in mind when your stressing and feeling anxious about your exams.

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