As I Go On, I Remember the Lessons I’ve Learned

“It’s almost April?!” A time when students are a) stressing out b) trying to not stress out OR c) being totally cool about studies. While it’s good to learn to manage stress during this season, it’s also a good time to reflect on life lessons that we’ve learned during the past 7 months of the school year.

Reflections of life. Photo credit: Cordelia

Here’s what I’ve learned during my years here in UBC:

1. Conflicts are not necessarily bad 

When conflicts happen in a romantic relationship or any kind of relationship, it is not the end.  What matters is how you manage and solve conflicts.  When trying to resolve conflict, say “I feel…when you…” instead of, “You did this and it’s your fault!”  Listen to the other person’s point of view without interruption and with understanding.

2. Long Distance Relationships work when both partners are willing to do what it takes

I’ve gone through this journey everyday for almost 8 months now. I know how difficult it feels, (especially with the time zone difference) but with patience and courage, you can succeed in a long distance relationship.  And the good thing is, I improved my communication skills after countless hours of meaningful conversations through Skype vid calls.

3. Miracles happen when you believe.  Just don’t give up.

I’ve had tough times. But I’ve also seen miracles. I’ve seen a broken relationship fixed, and it’s even better now than it was in the past. Also, this year, I had quite a number of interviews. I didn’t get accepted for most positions. But I was offered one position and it was the one that I really needed for my future career. I am now a step closer to my dreams and I thank God for His provision. Keep believing in your dreams and keep persevering.

What are some personal lessons you’ve learned? I would love to hear from you, yes YOU!