As we head into our finals….

As we head into our finals, it’s not a surprise that most of us feel at one time or another – anxious, nervous, depressed, or any of the other negative feelings.  We’ve worked hard this term, and add first term to it too!  We all should feel proud and relieved that we’ve made it thus far.

As we head into our finals, we should put in our best effort, because after handing in our exams, we can know that we’ve done everything that we ever could have to do well in our courses.  We’ve studied, we’ve worried, we’ve hoped for the best.  After our finals, we can let all those worries away.

As we head into our finals, we must remind ourselves that how well accomplished we are academically is not a definition of who we are.  Who we are is more than just how well we do on exams and the marks that show on our transcripts.  How accomplished we are and how much potential we have is evident through many other things.

As we head into our finals, breathe and just have fun answering the exam questions.  And as we come out of our finals, be happy that we’ve made yet another step ahead in life, and that whatever has happened this term – no matter good or bad – will only be something that will help us in our bright, bright futures.