That’s a Wrap!

Fun, Easy, and Healthy Recipes Series- Post 4

As students and busy professionals it is often hard to stay healthy. However, if you are prepared and know how to make a few easy, nutritional dishes it can help you to stay on track and avoid eating too many unhealthy things.

One of my favourite meals to make when I am in a rush is a wrap or sandwich.

Check out this video on how to make healthy wraps brought to you by the UBC Wellness Centre’s Nutrition Team (2012).

YouTube Preview Image

These are both really easy options and the ingredients can be changed up so they taste different each time. You just have to make sure you have the basic ingredients on hand (i.e.. bread/wraps- you can buys extra and freeze for later, your choice of vegetables, dressings such as hummus or ranch- try and use healthier options, and any meat or protein you would like to use). If you have these basic ingrediants on hand you essentially already have your meal…all you have to do is assemble!

Another thing that I like to do is bring all the fixings for my wrap/sandwich in a container to school and then assemble it there. This prevents things from getting soggy.

When you are busy it is hard to make a healthy home cooked meal, but it isn’t hard to stay healthy!

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