Get Active. Get Social. Get INVOLVED!

Growing up, I was not an athlete. 

I picked flowers during soccer games, hid in the change room during gym class, and ate lunch inside to avoid being pulled into an impromptu game of tag. Even in high school, as I started to improve my physical fitness, I struggled to find a sport I felt passionate about or a team to feel like I was a part of, but then I came to UBC and that all changed.

It started almost exactly a year ago with Day of the Longboat. I was a last minute addition to the team who, after 3 tough races, was crowned the UBC Women’s Champions. I felt like a champ, and not just because my shirt told me I was. For the first time in my life I was part of a real team… and it was with a group of girls I barely knew.

“REC shirts” are awarded to the winning team(s) at each event. Here are a few of mine!

Over the next year I participated in any and every team that would take me. From almost drowning during Water Wars and losing every dodgeball game, to pretending there was a zombie apocalypse during Versus, and pushing my best friends over a 12 foot wall in Storm the Wallsome of my favourite memories from first year involved REC sports. 

Sometimes we won and sometimes we didn’t, but at the end of the day what really mattered is that we were there and we did it together.

So go! Try it out for yourself!

Whether you participate in these sports for exercise, to make friends, or to just get more involved in life at UBC, it’s an amazing experience that I can just about guarantee you won’t regret.

Don’t have a team? Sign up as a free agent.

See you at the next event!