Let’s talk about Sex!

What do you think of when someone brings up the topic of sex?

Photo from Flikr with Creative Commons licence

In talking with my friends or others, it is obvious that everyone has their own understanding and comfort level surrounding this subject. Sometimes it can feel like the messages we get about sex are more negative than positive. A new idea that I’ve been learning about is the concept of “sex positivity.”  Thinking of sex positivity is important in both personal development and society. Sometimes I forget about the enlightenment of sex because I get weighed down hearing about all of the the negativity surrounding it. It has helped me to equally think of the positive features such as sexual pleasure rather than complications such as disease, sexual assault, or unwanted pregnancies. Here are some sex-positive facts that I found useful to know, and to share with others:

  • Consensual sexual expression is a basic human right regardless of the form that expression takes.
  • You have the right to accurate and straightforward sexual health information
  • It is not appropriate for others to judge you, or for you to judge others consensual choices regarding how to have sex, who to have sex with, and how one defines their sexual orientation and identity


As well, here are some resources if you are concerned about sexual assault:

  • AMS Safewalk (604-822-5355):
    • Safewalk will walk you to anywhere on campus safely and have extended their hours until 4am
    • If Safewalk is unavailable, please contact campus security and they will escort you to your destination at anytime
  • Sexual Assault Support Centre (604-827-5180)
  • AMS Speakeasy (604-822-3777)
  • UBC Security (604-822-2222)
  • SUB Security (604-822-3935)
  • Counselling Services (604-822-3811)

*You can pick up a UBC Safety Card containing all these phone numbers at the UBC Wellness Centre 


To find questions about your health and resources on campus in an open safe and comfortable environment, I recommend the Wellness Centre (604-822-4858):

  • Health Resource Centre which provides peer to peer support from volunteering peers trained to answer any health related questions to the best of our abilities
  • Irving K Barber room 183, open Mon-Fri 10-5 except Tues 10-4
  • Offer free promotional items: safer sex products, whistles, snacks
  • Book a “Student Health: Balance yourself” workshop
  • Pop-up cafe outside the centre with free tea, coffee, apples, and bananas every Wednesday between 2-5pm
  • Pet-visits every Wednesday 12-1pm, room 181 (sign up here)


Please Stay Tuned for Our Upcoming Blog Series focusing on sexual health & healthy relationships!