My Decisions at UBC

As I begin the last term of my Bachelor of Arts degree, I find myself reminiscent of all the things UBC has to offer.
Comparing myself to who I was when I first started university, I feel like I have learned and grown a lot, both through my academics and my involvements on and off campus.

Here are some decisions that I think really helped to shape my journey at UBC:

1)      Volunteering – In my first year at UBC, I took part in many community and campus volunteer opportunities including the UBC Community Learning Initiative Reading Week and Learning Trek and the UBC Student Leadership Conference. There, I met people who I continue to bump into around campus. These were not only amazing leadership opportunities, but also helped to foster some of the great friendships I still cherish today.

2)      Attending Workshops – There are so many events, workshops, and professional development opportunities at UBC. I have attended public speaking workshops, time management workshops and many more. These workshops helped me hone my transferable skills which has greatly increased my marketability when applying for jobs. I also attended resume and interview skill workshops that helped improve my application for the UBC Arts Co-op program, which I was eventually admitted into.

3)      Travelling Abroad – Through applying and being admitted to the Arts Co-op program, I took up the opportunity to teach in China for 2 Co-op terms. This experience was eye-opening and provided me numerous opportunities for personal growth.  Having been born and raised in Vancouver, it was a great learning experience to travel, live and work in another country.  I was immersed in a new culture, a new language and a new work environment.  It was a fun challenge and I grew a lot because of it.

When I began my degree at UBC, I was merely thinking about getting a degree (then maybe getting another degree) and eventually landing a job. Luckily for me, these past 4 years have been so much more; I have met some wonderful people and had dozens of opportunities that helped me grow and become the person that I am today. This May I will be graduating from UBC with not only a Bachelor of Arts, but also an amazing network of friends and acquaintances, an impressive set of transferable skills (if I may say so myself), and a new perspective on the impact of culture.

I am so glad I did this.