The Certainty of Uncertainty

Have you faced uncertainty in your life? At some point in most of our lives, uncertainty is inevitable whether we like it or not. With summer fast approaching, “What are your summer plans?” is a normal question to come up in conversation. Some of us already made concrete summer plans whereas many- myself included- are still in the process of planning summer activities, be it working in a part-time job, going on a vacation, taking summer courses or just having fun. Not knowing what to do in the summer and being uncertain of what we’re going to do can be frustrating at times.

My Mama said: “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get.” – Forrest Gump


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As for me, a fourth year graduating student, I am facing many uncertainties not just for the summer but also for the future. Not knowing where I would be staying at during the summer, whether I would get a summer job, or whether and how I would get a scholarship for studying in the Master’s program scares me. But the uncertainties we face in life will sometimes not be resolved till after a short or long period of time.


“Uncertainty is the only certainty there is”

– John Allen Paulos


So what can do when we are faced with uncertainties?

Here are some ways in which we can COPE with uncertainty:

  • Accept the uncertainty: Tell yourself that being uncertain about your future and plans is okay and that it is part of your life journey and process. The more you accept uncertainty, the more you will have the clarity of mind to cope with it.
  • Take proactive stepsTake small steps within your limits to overcome any hurdles that stands in your way. Sometimes, we may avoid doing things because we are afraid and uncertain of the outcome of our efforts. Take the challenge to do whatever that is within your ability in the midst of the cloud of uncertainties.
  • Talk it out: Share your uncertainties with friends and family members who would be able to support you in your journey. Sometimes, talking can help you sort out the many thoughts you have.


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