Cheap and Easy Hobbies

Last week I found myself sitting on the beach enjoying the sun, the wind, and the waves and I happened to chat with a few very interesting strangers on the sand. Each person I came across on the beach had cool quirks that made me want to be their insta-friend and get to know them a little bit more. I met a snake charmer, a fashion designer, a professional poker player, and even a pilot. Who knows, some of those backstories I was hearing may have been a little bit elaborated, but nonetheless it got me to thinking that maybe I don’t really have any cool or alternative things to share! I do lots of outside school activities like going to the gym, volunteering with peer programs, and tutoring, but nothing with flash and sparkle!

If you feel the same way here are some cheap and easy hobbies that that are easy to start and are really rewarding!


COOKING! Buy a cheap recipe book or find some recipes online and start mixing. Not only will your Instagram account fill up with salivation inspiring photos but you’ll be a champ at your next family dinner!

READING! Over the summer using to keep track of all the books you have read will give you satisfaction of seeing your “reading points” rack up and also help you feel motivated to read some more

GEOCACHING! is a great way to explore your city and also find cool little trinkets on the way. All you need is a smartphone or other GPS device. Using the GPS on your phone the Geocaching app will send you on an adventure to find some hidden treasure. Previous people to find the treasure will take a present and leave one in the same box. Pretty fun!

DRAWING! the more you do it the better you’ll get. All you need is a pencil and a piece of paper and off you go. After a couple months you’ll be having Van Gogh masterpieces to show to your friends! Well… maybe not but it’ll be better than the stick people you started off with.

DIYing! Refurbishing furniture is also a really cool activity. Find an old beaten up piece of furniture on craigslist and try restoring it. If you do a really good job you have a wonderful addition to your room or you can sell it for profit.

KNITTING! (or crocheting) is my favourite activity. There are so many different stitches and projects that you can work on and at the end of it you have a tangible object that you created all by yourself. You’ve got christmas and birthday gifts and also snuggly blankets or scarves to keep you warm.

These are just a few cool hobbies to get you started but I found a lot of these ideas here. Check out the thread to see if there any more cool hobbies that will tickle your fancy and let me know if you have any other neat and original hobby ideas!