Six Simple Solutions

Any distress you may be experiencing may be managed by taking small steps. Try one (or all) of these 6 simple ways to make you feel good!

1) Take a bath

Light some candles and listen to your favorite playlist while you take a bath. If you’re feeling a little adventurous and want to plan ahead for this, visit your local pharmacy and purchase some essential oils (lavender is great for its sleep inducing qualities) and bath salts to further enhance your relaxation. Try to avoid using artificial fragrances and perfume as they may cause irritation. Cut up some cucumber slices, and prepare to feel completely relaxed!

2) Tidy up some space

By this I don’t necessarily mean your entire house or apartment, but instead choose a small area and focus on making it as neat and accessible as possible. This could be a drawer of papers, a jewelry box or even a bookshelf. While doing this you may also come across some items that you don’t need any more, which you could consider donating to charity. Taking a break can re-energize your body and mind for more effective studying!

3) Sort through your emails

Delete emails that you don’t need any more and create folders for those that you intend on keeping. Having all your information made accessible will save you time searching through emails and will also make it easier to spot the important ones.

4) Call someone you care about

This may be a partner or a parent, or even a friend you may have not spoken to in a long time. Hearing the voice of a loved one can instantly bring a smile to your face as well as an provide you with the reassurance that everything is going to be okay.

5) Keep track of the good stuff

At the end of the day, write down three experiences in your day that went well for you no matter how major or minor they were. Looking back at these can be motivational and may promote you to seek out more pleasurable activities and interactions.

6) Tap into your spiritual side

Take a moment to close your eyes and bring your attention to your breath. Research has shown that meditative practices such as mindfulness exercises can heighten emphatic awareness and overall promotes well-being.

That’s it from me for this week! Have an awesome one.