Maintaining healthy relationships


Beyonce once said, “Perfection is a disease of a nation”. These words have resonated with me in my own personal life and experiences where the more I strived towards perfection and moulding my own relationships to a standardized model, the more difficulties seemed to arise. As a Wellness Peer, I have come to look at relationship differently. For example, arguments are inevitable; disrespect is not! It’s more important to have a healthy relationship, than strive towards the idea of a “perfect” one. Although there is not one definition of what a healthy relationship is, all healthy relationships SHARE certain core elements that are not only necessary but also make you feel goo about you and your relationships: Safety, Honesty, Acceptance, Respect, Enjoyment. 
In light of Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM), I would like to SHARE with you some strategies for maintaining these elements within all relationships.
Accepting & Cherishing
Recognizing your own strengths and uniqueness can not only be motivational, but also allows you to look through a lens of positivity for other aspects of your life. When it comes to relationships, voicing the qualities that you admire in a person is a way of showing conscious appreciation and acceptance for them.
Playing an active role in getting to know yourself gives you the opportunity to flourish within any relationship. Being honest with yourself includes thinking about your own expectations as well as knowing and establishing your own boundaries. Also think about what does a healthy relationship look like for you?
While acceptance and honestly is important, they don’t work without actually communicating to those you care about! It is important to be able to talk and express yourself in any relationship. Not only can communication improve existing relationships, it is also a tool to seek support outside of relationships if the need arises. UBC offers many resources that are available to students who are seeking support. Visit the Wellness Center located in IKB if you are interested in learning more about some of the resources that are available. Another place to check out is the Relationships and Respect page on
One way to communicate how a healthy relationship makes you feel is to check out the Helping Hands Event as part of the SAAM put on by the Wellness Centre, just outside Irving on January 28th. During this event, you will have the chance to trace your hand and express some tips that make you feel good in any and all of your relationships! For complete list of all the events happening during the SAAM, visit:
Have a healthy, happy week ahead and remember to wear denim on Wednesday, January 21st to stand up against sexual assault during the SAAM!