#LiveWellChallenge Recap: Nutrition Week

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The Live Well Challenge is a weekly series in which students set a daily wellness goal centred around a particular theme. Week 1 was all about nutrition, and Wellness Peer Katie decided to give up eating out on campus. Read on to see how she did!

Over the past week, I decided to challenge myself to give up eating out. Running around campus between classes and meetings for ten hours every day makes me work up an appetite, and oftentimes, the most convenient option is grabbing sushi from the village or a slice of banana bread from Uppercase. Unfortunately, eating out multiple times a day isn’t always the healthiest option, especially for a vegan.

To prepare for the week, I stocked up on groceries and made a huge quinoa salad that I could easily pack for lunch. My mornings became a little longer because I had to wash apples and carrots to bring as snacks, brew coffee to get my caffeine fix, get my lunch together, and still make breakfast for myself. However, the time I spent in the morning made the rest of the day a lot easier. I could eat my snacks and lunch in class and in the library without worrying about where my next meal was coming from.

For the most part, avoiding eating out just takes a lot of preparation. When I had a backpack full of food I was rarely tempted to buy anything else on campus, and I also saved myself a lot of money this week. I struggled the most when my plans for the day changed and I was on campus for a longer period of time – staying around after class to study was a lot harder when I knew I had to go home to make dinner!

I’m happy to say I made it through the week without eating out at all! Now I’m more than ready to go out with my friends and indulge in a giant veggie burger and fries. Looking forward, I’ll definitely try to keep bringing my lunch for the day. However when it comes to getting hungry while studying late or socializing with my friends, I won’t mind occasionally grabbing a bite to eat on campus. Everything in moderation!

How did your nutrition challenge go? Let us know in the comments below, or on social media using #livewellchallenge. Our theme for the second week of the Live Well Challenge is active lifestyles, so it’s time to get brainstorming on how you will get moving!