Week 5 of Live Well Challenges: Eating a Nutritious Breakfast Every Morning

I challenge you (and myself) to include eating a hearty and healthy breakfast as part of your daily routine.” 

No matter how hard I try, I am not a morning person. While I do enjoy getting an early start to the day and savouring a few quiet moments, my mornings do not reflect this and are instead quite chaotic.

In an ideal world I would wake up on time, calmly get ready and prepare myself a nice, healthy breakfast. If I was feeling really ambitious, I would even enjoy a cup of tea and indulge in a good book. I would calmly leave my house, without any fear of missing the bus. This is what I aim for every morning but unfortunately, it’s not my reality; it’s not even close.

On a typical weekday morning I would sleep through 5 alarms, ending up with only 25 minutes to leave my house. There’s a lot to do in this time so I’m a little frantic. I quickly get ready, make myself coffee or tea for the commute and then leave the house with only a few minutes to make the bus. I would run to the bus stop, arriving mere seconds before the bus and face the silent judgment of the other more organized commuters who didn’t have to run for the bus and are not slightly out of breath. Okay, the last part may be a little dramatic but that’s what it feels like and this is often how I start the day. Nowhere in my mad morning scramble is there any mention of breakfast or me consuming anything more than tea or coffee. With only 25 minutes something needs to be dropped from my ideal morning list and that is often breakfast.

I’m sure most of us have heard the phrase that “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day”, and in fact there are several benefits to eating a nutritious meal to start the day. Eating breakfast has been linked to increases in your alertness, concentration, and mood. It also helps maintain a healthy diet and metabolism. Being a busy graduate student, I could definitely benefit from being more focused and alert. With this in mind, I challenge you (and myself) to include eating a hearty and healthy breakfast as part of your daily routine. My breakfasts may not be as perfect as the ones I have pictured in my ideal morning routine scenario but they will be nutritious and that’s a start!  

During the week feel free to share your experience with this challenge on social media using the #ubcpeerperspective hashtag. On Friday, the Wellness Peers and myself will reflect back on this challenge and share some of the highs and the lows, so I encourage you to revisit the Healthy Minds blog then to see how it went.

Let’s do this!

Post Written by Ashley Arnold

Wondering who Ashley is? Here is a little introduction!

img_0179Hi there! My name is Ashley and I’m one of the Graduate Wellness Peers. I’m currently in the Masters program in the department of Microbiology & Immunology studying the microbial ecology of subsurface terrestrial environments. When I’m not working away in the lab you can probably find me passionately talking about musicals, making science jokes or planning my next brunch adventure.

When I found out about the graduate wellness peer position I was really excited to be part of a team who cares deeply about promoting wellness to all individuals on campus and creating an open environment to talk about it. In this role I hope to include more grad students in these conversations and find ways to address some of our specific wellness needs. I’m excited to contribute to the Healthy Minds blog this year and share some of my grad student experiences and personal wellness journey!

Happy reading!


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