Healthy Minds at UBC is a blog run by a group of dedicated students who are passionate about promoting mental health and wellbeing. Trained students, known as “Wellness Peers”, contribute to the blog by providing a personal perspective on topics such as managing stress, how to make friends on such a large campus, how to practice good eating habits, and how to stay healthy while thriving academically.

This blog encourages students to live well, feel good, and achieve success. By achieving a balance and taking proactive steps to take care of our wellbeing, students can become more resilient to temporary setbacks and ongoing difficulties, making it easier to achieve academic success.

Included on the blog are both UBC and non-UBC related resources that are easily accessible and can assist individuals on their journey towards health and wellbeing. Loads of healthy recipes are also listed to inspire readers to eat healthier and practice good eating habits.

Healthy Minds is an initiative run in association with the UBC Wellness Centre. The Wellness Centre is a friendly, welcoming space for you to ask questions to trained students about things like safer sex, how to manage stress, eating well and sleep. Stop by and visit anytime during operating hours.


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