Current Bloggers

Gavin S. Hi, my name is Gavindeep (Gavin) Shinger. I am going into my fourth year of Biology with an interest in physiology and genetics. It will also be my second year as a Wellness Peer.

I have learned that wellness is vital to our success and happiness, both in and out of school. I am passionate about sharing my insights with my fellow students but also learning from them as well. So come down to the Wellness Center if you ever want to chat!

In my spare time, you will find me in the Tim Hortons line up, running, writing, reading and taking naps!

Naomi O. Hello! I’m Naomi, the Mental Health and Wellbeing Assistant this summer. I am a 5th year dietetics student with a desire to promote a healthy, positive relationship with food. My interest in wellbeing, particularly among university students, has led me to this position and I am constantly excited by all the wellbeing initiatives that are happening at UBC.

I enjoy spending my free time doing anything that involves food (both making and eating it), searching for the best chocolate ice cream in Vancouver, exploring the nature and beauty of BC, and doing all the creative things! There are so many factors in our life that affect our health, and I look forward to sharing my thoughts on the connection between nutrition and wellbeing on the blog this summer!


Lauren L.  Hello world! My name is Lauren and I am a 3rd year Science student majoring in Mathematics.

 I decided to join the Wellness Peers because wanted to be part of a greater conversation of wellness on campus and learn more about how mental health plays a role in our everyday lives. I am passionate about building healthy relationships and finding ways to better myself and my overall wellbeing. I love journaling, doing yoga, and playing the guitar.


Sierra P.  Hi everyone! My name is Sierra, and I just finished up my third year of biochemistry in the Faculty of Science. In September, I will be starting at the UBC School of Nursing in my journey to become an RN! Last year I was a Wellness Peer, and this summer I am fortunate enough to work in the Wellness Centre as the Wellness Programs Assistant. I have a background volunteering in Sexual Health, and I’m excited to not only be running the Healthy Minds Blog this summer and recruiting writers, but also sharing my own insights into staying healthy as a UBC student. Look out for my Sexual Health 101 series!

When I’m not working in the Wellness Centre, you can find me playing with my 3(!) dogs: 2 golden retrievers and a pug.

As a student, I’ve struggled with balancing my priorities: school, work, volunteering, sleep, nutrition, relationships, and play are all important aspects that I try to fit into my life (sleep is something I especially struggle with!) The Wellness Centre is a great resource for anyone looking for help balancing all aspects of their wellbeing: we’ve got brochures, student-tested tips, and tons of great resources concerning physical, mental, and sexual health!


Paige L. Hi, everyone! My name is Paige and I’m a fifth year sociology student in the Faculty of Arts. I’m from Surrey, BC, and I am currently working as the Sexual Assault Prevention Project Assistant this summer at the Wellness Centre.

I’m hoping to share some of what I’ve learned about wellness from my experiences at UBC as well as learning from my colleagues and fellow bloggers about healthy relationships and mental wellbeing. My hobbies include long distance running, eating gelato at the beach and watching any Shonda Rhimes show on Netflix.


Past Bloggers

Alice G. Hi there! My name is Alice, and I’m a 5th year microbiology and immunology student, minoring in commerce (it’s a bit of a
tongue twister if you say it really quickly). When I first heard about the wellness peers during my first year at UBC, I fell in love with the work that they did. As a wellness peer, I am constantly learning and exploring nescreenshot-headshot-2w ways to better my wellbeing with the great resources we have both on and off campus. I am excited to be sharing the challenges I face as a student in managing my wellness, while celebrating the little successes together!

Outside of the wellness centre, you can find me passionately engaging in conversations around sustainability and health, exploring the beautiful landscape of BC, and running to some awesome tunes.

Throughout this school term, I also will be sharing my perspective about what it means to have personal wellness, its importance for academic success, and the challenges I face along the way. I am super eager to get started!

kleo-2Kleo F. Hi everyone! My name is Kleo (like the misfit unicorn) and I am a fifth year student finishing off my  degree in English Literature and Psychology. Last year, I was fortunate enough to have been given the opportunity to work for the Wellness Centre as part of the Arts Co-op Program and needless to say, I could not stay away. So here I am, back again for another year, but this time as a Wellness Peer!

When I’m not reading new books in my ever growing (overflowing) mini-library, or re-watching Lord of the Rings for the umpteenth time, you will most likely find me playing with ponies, singing along to Disney, or trying to figure out what exactly happened to my Hogwarts letter (platform 9 3/4, I’m coming for you). 

I am super excited about blogging for Healthy Minds in the upcoming school year and I would love to hear everyone’s unique stories and experiences on their journey to living well. Feel free to drop a comment or just come say ‘hi’ at the Wellness Centre. I cannot wait to see where this year takes us! 


Jenny X. Holla! My name is Jenny or some may call me Jenn. I’m currently in my third year studying Psychology and Business Management.

This year, I’m very thrilled to be on board with the Communications Team to share my insights on mental health and wellbeing. Like many university students, I’ve experienced my fair share of angst and distress. It was not until second year that I’ve learned the importance of leading a well-balanced lifestyle. I still constantly remind myself: to attend to my mental health, give myself breaks, and to not take life too seriously.

In my down time, you’ll find me petting neighbourhood pups, café-hopping, taking photos, and grooving to good vibes on Soundcloud.

Parker L. Hi friends, I’m Parker! I am in my third year of stuparkerdies at UBC. I became a Wellness Peer because I am passionate about mental and sexual wellbeing. Wellness Centre is a great way for me to get involved on campus and learn more about topics I am curious about.

When I am not in the Wellness Centre, you can find me in quirky cafes with a sketchpad in hand, wandering around thrift shops, or wrapped in blankets playing League of Legends in my own Hobbit Hole. (My friends call my apartment the Hobbit Hole because it is a basement suite with 6ft tall ceilings). I love to do anything that makes me feel warm and cozy!

Living a balanced life has always been a struggle for me but with lots of determination, each day gets easier. I am looking forward to sharing my health and wellness journey with you and continuing to grow as a person through the Wellness Peer program and the Healthy Minds Blog!

Bronwyn G. Hey there! My name is Bronwyn and I’m currently completing an
Honours degree in English Literature – which is quite outside the realm of mental IMG_1678health and wellbeing, but that just goes to show that any one and everyone can learn to live well!

I moved to Vancouver from Ontario four years ago, and to my parents’ dismay I’m pretty sure I’m never moving back – I’ve fallen in love with Vancouver and British Columbia.
When I’m not working at the Wellness Centre as the Mental Health and Wellbeing Assistant, you can find me taking advantage of all this province has to offer: hiking the north shore mountains, swimming in the murky waters of Jericho Beach, eating out at all the delicious vegan restaurants, and getting my Ashtanga on at any one of the hundreds of yoga studios around the city.
Like many students, I too have struggled with anxiety and stress – often to the detriment of my health and wellbeing. It’s hard to focus on eating right, exercising, and taking moments to relax when a constant flow of work is being assigned in your classes. But as a Wellness Peer I’ve learnt that in order to do well academically, you have to live well too. In fact, that is something I’ve grown to become rather passionate about! Balance and wellbeing are so important and I hope to share that with you all over the summer. Take care and feel free to pop by the Wellness Centre to say hi!

Campbell D. Hi friends! My name is Campbell/Cam/that girl with a last name for a first name. Originally from Toronto, Ontario, I am now a 5th year student in Integrated Sc10995663_10203825231505266_8338486646763741851_nience, specializing in Medical Genetics and Immunology. When I’m not studying the immune system or hanging out in the Wellness Centre, you can find me leading campus tours as a Student Ambassador or promoting physical activity with UBC Recreation Intramurals. I love black coffee, yoga, and Blue Chip cookies, and I usually spend my free time attending contemporary dance classes, playing the ukulele, or shredding pow at Whistler. I’m so excited to share my passion for healthy living with all of you over the upcoming year. Stay well, y’all!

Katie S. Hi! My name is Katie and I’m a third year student majoring in Environment and Sustainability and minoring in Biology. After moving from Baltimore to VancoFullSizeRenderuver, I fell in love with the mountains and have been trying to spend as much time as possible outdoors ever since. I love hiking on the north shore, running through Pacific Spirit Park, and competing in REC events on campus. Although my courses in school focus on ecology and the environment, I’m also incredibly passionate about personal wellness. I’m ecstatic to help run the Healthy Minds Blog with this year’s Communications Team so I can share my own experiences and learn from all the unique perspectives here at UBC!

Mei H. Hey UBC! My name is Mei and I am a 4th year Nutrition student. Like many students in my program, I love food and so you may find me snacking behind my bag or thinkWellness Peer 2016_Meiing about my next meal after I finish one. What I’m most passionate about is learning how food and nutrition affects our body from birth to old age and exploring the multifaceted nature of nutrition. Beyond vitamins and minerals, I also enjoy promoting and taking part in health and wellness initiatives within diverse communities like UBC. When I’m not studying and working in the community, I may be hiking, cooking and/or learning French!