Best Sport of All: Swimming

Guest Blogger: Devin Chen, UBC Graduate 2010

I love swimming. I swim 3+ times a week, all year long. I enjoy every moment I am in the pool and it also makes me enjoy every moment out of the pool. As I was swimming yesterday in the UBC Aquatic Centre’s blue, cool, and huge outdoor pool, I really felt so lucky that I am able to use and enjoy this awesome venue.

Here are a few reasons why I love swimming…

1. It’s SUMMER! I love summer – the sun, the heat, and the long days!  Swimming and summer, not only do they start with the same letter, they also closely associate with each other! The outdoor pool, the sun, drink by pool side (cool orange juice! yumm….) Continue reading “Best Sport of All: Swimming”

Stretch Your Dollars (While You Stretch Your Body)

I’ve been meaning to start doing yoga for quite a while now. Everyone is always talking about how wonderful it is, and I have to admit that the people you see walking into yoga studios with mats over their shoulders and water bottles in their hands certainly look like they’re benefiting from it.

Unfortunately, I am a student, and financial concerns tend to interfere with anything I want to do. Luckily, a coworker in the CSI mentioned special classes offered by many of the local yoga studios that are perfect for those without a lot of disposable income, or who just want to try it out without making an expensive commitment. Continue reading “Stretch Your Dollars (While You Stretch Your Body)”