Weekend Warrior: Hear Me Roar

Posted by: | July 27, 2010

I’m a Weekend Warrior. With capital W’s. During the week, I often go home from work exhausted, so I’m not very active.  I’ve been trying to do better during the week, by biking with my dog at least, but it’s really the weekend that I focus on for activities.  And that’s when I kick my butt into high gear.

If you’re at all educated about injury prevention, you know that weekend warriors (like myself) are rather prone to injuries.  Weekend warriors tend to push their bodies too hard on their weekend adventures, causing muscle strains and sprains.  I do a fairly good job at doing part of sports injury prevention (buying the right gear for the right sports- oh, do I ever love outdoors gear!).  But I’m not so good at the regular conditioning part of injury prevention (basically the primary tenet of sport injury prevention!).

You should see me most Mondays (and yesterday was no different)- I usually am limping slightly from a slight strain or simply overworked muscles.  The colleagues in the office laugh now when I stumble in.  Yesterday my quad muscles were aching from a crazy exploit in the mountains, hiking around trying to find a climb (which I never found), with a lot of weight on my back.  I obviously asked my body to do a lot more than it was used to.

I do like that feeling though. That feeling of sore muscles that show me that I’m pushing myself.  I think that pushing my body like this is a privilege of being fairly young.  I know that I am going to have to start being more consistent with my activity.

I had a friend who worked for UBC BodyWorks as a trainer, who gave me some advice.  Basically he told me to get my butt moving during the week, and to start a regular stretching routine.  It’s ironic when, given how much health advice that I give out, that I don’t seem to be willing to listen to advice  that’s given to me!  When our department originally started blogging last year (Mission Fit Possible), I started doing yoga regularly (a perfect way to work on my back health and to get in the stretching that could prevent me from hurting myself on the weekends!).   I loved it.  But I fell out of the habit after our blog finished, and I can tell you that my back does still need it…

So here goes. I’m going to commit to taking a yoga class, during one weeknight a week.  I know it will make me feel more grounded, help me prevent myself from getting so sore on the weekend adventures, and make my back feel better. Why am I so hesitant? Why do I make excuses to avoid doing it?  Why is it our impulse to avoid what we KNOW will make us feel GOOD!?  Do we not think we deserve to feel good? Are we inherently lazy or self-destructive?  Either way, here goes.  It’s yoga on Thursday night for me!

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2 Responses to “Weekend Warrior: Hear Me Roar”

  1. Sarah says:

    This is a great post, Suzanne! I’ve found yoga to be a great way to relax during the week and it also has helped me with my core strength and posture. Good luck on Thursday!

  2. Suzanne Jolly says:

    Thanks Sarah! I didn’t know you did yoga! I tried a yoga class on Thursday, but it wasn’t the right type for what I need (it was a “yin” class which [I’ve now learned] is more specific for ligaments and joints, rather than muscles, and tends to hold poses for a lot longer time). I really liked the studio though- I just think my body needs more about the muscles and I’m too impatient to hold poses for too long.
    It’s so hard to find the right fit with yoga classes. I’ll try a different one this week for certain! 🙂

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