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December Health Hero: Prioritizing Work-Life Balance

Posted by: | December 1, 2011

Bobbi MacDonald loves books.  It is no surprise then that she has been working in various roles at the UBC Bookstore for 12 years.   You may have met her in her current role at the Front Information Desk at the UBC Bookstore, helping customers find the books or gifts they need.  She has been an […]

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Health Hero: Diabetes Researchers

Posted by: | November 2, 2011

In honour of Diabetes Awareness Month, we are celebrating the work of Professor Timothy Kieffer and his colleagues in the Diabetes Research Group. Diabetes is characterized by elevated blood glucose levels due to insufficient levels of insulin. The amazing research being done by Dr. Kieffer’s “Laboratory of Molecular and Cellular Medicine”, a team of about […]

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October Health Hero: UBC Food for the Soul

Posted by: | October 5, 2011

“Food is medicine. People say healthy food is expensive. So which would you rather do? Pay upfront now for your food, or pay later when you end up in the hospital bed? Healthy foods give healthy minds. If you give someone greasy dull food, their minds will also be greasy and dull.” -Steve Golob, Residence […]

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September Health Hero: The Newcomers

Posted by: | August 31, 2011

Jayde Lee is new to UBC. Like so many other staff and faculty at UBC, Jayde will soon be experiencing her first September on campus (what we old-timers often refer to as “the busiest time of the year”). Jayde joined UBC just over a month ago, as the Doctoral Exams Assistant in the Faculty of […]

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Health Hero: The Form Fillers

Posted by: | August 2, 2011

This month is dedicated to all of you who have filled out an Incident/Accident Report Form. I know it may seem like a silly thing to celebrate, but these forms mean a lot to the health and wellness of ourselves and our colleagues.  Last year alone, the University had 609 Staff and Faculty Incident/Accident Report […]

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July Health Hero: Expecting

Posted by: | June 30, 2011

By Erin King As I sit here polishing off the last of my chocolate chip cookie and BLT lunch, I don’t feel like much of a health hero. As I brush the crumbs off my ever-expanding belly, my skepticism for Suzanne’s choice grows even more.  But then, I am 36 weeks pregnant, and expanding bellies […]

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June Health Hero: The Health & Safety Advocate

Posted by: | June 7, 2011

Since joining UBC in 1986, Irene Barrett has prioritized safety both in her lab and in her life in general.  She joined the local Health and Safety committee in her first year at UBC.  Originally, she was interested in the health and safety courses that emphasized safe handling of biohazardous organisms and chemicals, in order […]

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May Health Hero: Cycling Commuters

Posted by: | May 5, 2011

Like the approximately 1,300 daily commuters at UBC, Adam Cooper rides his bike to work.  Adam’s daily ride is 20-kilometres round-trip, and he rides in both good and bad weather. The only condition that really keeps him out of the saddle is snow or ice on the roads. Adam committed to winter cycle-commuting in 2009, […]

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April Health Hero: The Walkers

Posted by: | April 1, 2011

You can see them all over campus in their business clothes and a conspicuous pair of running shoes on their feet.  They join our Walking Program, or they walk on their own, dragging their colleagues out at lunchtime. If they are like Verni Brown, they walk in events like the MovingMinds walk/run.  All the walkers […]

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March Health Hero: The Health Advocates

Posted by: | February 28, 2011

Right now, I am running the UBC Travelling Health Fair.  Last month, we asked for people to invite us into their departments to help us host the fair at the various workplaces around UBC Vancouver.   So each day over a two week period, accompanied by a team of health consultants, I spend the day promoting […]

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