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Growing Every Day In A Variety of Ways

Posted by: | March 11, 2011

It’s that time of year. Performance reviews. So it makes me look back at my goals and objectives from last year. I have a tendency to look back at the long list of plans and focus in on what I have not done. For example, I really wanted to do my HR certification this year…(oops!) […]

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Empower the Men in Your Life

Posted by: | November 23, 2010

Last week HSE hosted its first workshop specifically on men’s health issues. Dr. Hal Gunn of Inspire Health presented “Cancer and Men: What You Need to Know”, which was very well received by its participants. As some of you may know, sparking the interest between men and their health is not always an easy task […]

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Using My Benefits

Posted by: | September 1, 2010

I try not to blog in a way that sounds like I’m always lauding the joys of working for UBC, but the only thing I want to blog to you about today (and yesterday in fact too), is how much I love my benefits. Let me explain why this week, I have come to really […]

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August’s Health Hero: The UBC Parent

Posted by: | August 3, 2010

I recently met with a colleague at UBC who I think is a rather remarkable parent.  He’s asked for his name not be shared, in the typical humility of any good parent it seems, so we’ll just call him Doug  Doug is a dad of two, generally doing most of the parenting himself. In addition, he’s […]

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What Does Chiropractic Have to Do With the Common Cold?

Posted by: | July 23, 2010

Chiropractic may be the most misunderstood alternative health care discipline out there. I was once guilty of believing it was solely a cure for back pain, though have discovered the preventative health benefits this complementary medicine offers stretch far beyond the lower back. Think of your body as a running car for a moment. In […]

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Oranges Every month, the Healthy UBC Blog highlights a locally available food, and gives you a recipe or two to try out.  This month, read all about mandarin oranges, rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, fibre and folate.

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